You are welcome to bring your iOS/Android (etc) devices to GRACE.  You need to understand that the TAG Team (Technology at GRACE) provides absolutely no support for your personally owned devices (other than providing you with some basic instructions).  If you have issues getting connected, you should first find a co-worker or fellow student that has a similar device that is working and seek him/her for help.  FYI - we will not accept any tickets for personally owned devices.

Here are the instructions for getting connected (these instructions have been tested on both iOS and Android devices).

Step 1 - Must be completed using your cellular carrier or home internet connection.

Step 1 Instructions - Install Securly Certificate (if you skip this step, websites will not load properly)

iOS Devices
Android Devices

Note: the certificates are also attached to this support document (but you must read the instructions for your device)

Step 2 - Connect to GRACE Wireless network using the appropriate password - The student device password is "CallingAllEagles" (staff should see the IT Department for the staff device password)

Note: If GRACE does not show up in your network list then your device uses some older wireless technology.  It doesn't mean you cannot connect, but you will need to connect to "GuestRegistration" and follow those instructions.

Step 3 - Verify that the connection is working properly - Go to using your device.  If the search page appears properly, then you should be all set.  If gives you a warning that the page is untrusted, then you will need to go back to step 1 and make sure you follow the instructions properly.