Knowing the version number of the software you are running can be useful in determining whether you are due for a software update, and in assisting Help Desk technicians troubleshoot software issues on your computer.

On a Windows machine:

Firefox and Internet Explorer

The version number is almost always found under the Help > About menu selection on a Windows computer. This example illustrates how to find the version number of Firefox, although it works the same for Internet Explorer.

  1. Go To Help > About Firefox
  2. The version number is in the picture below: 



  1. Click on the Settings and more icon.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Scroll down to About this app to find the version. 

Please note: You can't choose to update Edge from the browser. For security purposes, Edge is tied directly to Windows settings and is updated automatically as long as you are running Windows updates automatically.



1. Click on the More icon.

2. Click on Settings

3. Click on the Main menu icon before the word Settings in the upper left-hand corner.


4.  Click About Chrome.

5. You will see the version, and it will let you know if your version is up to date.



On a Mac:

On Macs, the version number is generally listed under the Software > About menu item. Software refers to the name of the software application you are running. For further clarification, please see the following example on how to find the version number of Safari.

  • Go to Safari > About Safari
  • Go to Firefox > About Firefox
  • Go to Chrome> About Google Chrome
  • The version number is highlighted in the picture below: