This document shows how to create an alert in SharePoint so you are notified whenever items are added or modified.



Setting up Alerts


 1. Access the SharePoint site you’re interested in.


 2. Select the document library or list you want to receive alerts for.  For the example below, Documents is chosen.




 3. Select the Library, List, or Page tab which is located in the top, left corner.




 4. On the Library/List/Page toolbar, click the Alert Me button.




        5.  Select the “Set alert on this library” option.







        6.  Select the options you want and click Ok.  The options include:


  • ·           User to send alerts to.  Defaults to yourself.  You can set alerts to go to other people too.

  • ·           Alert via email or SMS.

  • ·           Alert on additions, deletions, modifications, or all.

  • ·           Immediate notification or daily or weekly summary.



        7.  You’ll receive an email saying you successfully created an alert.



Changing Alerts


To change alerts, on any page you can go to the Page or Library toolbar and select Alert Me -> Manage My Alerts.