Technology at GRACE (TAG) Team is committed to providing a safe learning environment for all our students. Pinterest, for the longest time, has suffered from floods of sexually explicit material on its website. Pinterest has taken some responsibility on removing those content from its site but not enough for us at TAG to consider it a safe learning platform. 

Also, TAG cannot filter content within the Pinterest platform; therefore, we have decided to block it entirely. Some of those issues have been highlighted on the news articles at the end of this page.

Replacement for Pinterest: 

As a replacement, we encourage students and teachers to use Adobe Spark. We understand that Adobe Spark may not be a perfect replacement for Pinterest, but it has a rich set of features that allows our students to create visual contents like graphics, web stories, and animated videos. Also, it comes with freely available photos and graphics that students can use to create stories. 

News Articles:
Pinterest under fire for having inappropriate content (External Links).

2. Pinterest has a porn problem (External Links).