If you received an email from Apple to change your Apple ID email address here is what it means and what you will need to do. 

Why did I receive the email?

If you received an email, it is because in the past you created a personal Apple ID account using GRACE email. You will need to use a personal email account for your personal Apple Id.

How will changing the apple id email affect my purchases and my data?

Updating the email address for your Apple ID only changes the email address you use when you sign in to your Apple ID. The data and purchases associated with your account will remain with your account and aren't affected. Also, the password for your Apple ID won't change, unless you decide to change it.

What happens if I don't change my Apple ID email?

If you don't change the email address for your Apple ID within 30 days of the first notification from Apple, services associated with your Apple ID will become inactive until you change your Apple ID email address. And after 60 days your apple id email will change to a temporary email. For example, {first initial}{Last Name}@gracechristian.net will change to {first initial}{Last Name}-gracechristian.net@temporary.appleid.com

How do I change my apple ID?

To change your apple id email address, you will need a personal email account. Gmail.com, hotmail.com. yahoo.com, etc., will do. If you do not have a personal email account, you will need to create one. 

Once you have a personal email ready; 

- Go to appleid.apple.com.

- In the account section click edit

- Under apple, Id click change apple id. 

- Enter Your personal email that you are planning to use as a new apple id. 

- Click Continue

- Verify your new email by going to your new email and entering the verification code that is sent to you. 

- Once you verify your new email, you are all set. 

Those of you that prefer visual direction here is a video with the instruction: https://youtu.be/GLALHqaPkqY