You can use Screencastify to record a Google Hangout session!  This is particularly helpful when meeting with a student one-on-one. It probably isn’t advisable for recording class sessions, though, because the video file size will be huge. 

You may want to get Screencastify Unlimited so that you can record longer than 5 minutes. It is currently available for FREE until April 30, 2020, because of the coronavirus. See note at the bottom of this document for instructions. 

Before you begin recording your Google Hangout with Screencastify:  Take off your headphones/earbuds, otherwise Screencastify won't be able to record both sides of the conversation. 

Watch this tutorial video.

Here’s a recap of the instructions, step-by-step instructions. 

  • Step 1:  Add the Screencastify extension to Chrome.

  • Step 2: Allow Screencastify to access your microphone and camera.

  • Step 3:  Screencastify gives three options for recording:  Browser Tab, Desktop, and Webcam Only. Choose either Browser Tab or Desktop, so that it will record your screen (and thus the Hangout).

  • Step 4:  Make sure Embed Webcam is turned on, which records you in a small window at the same time as it records your screen in the larger window. Also make sure your microphone is on in Screencastify. 

  • Step 5: Join the Hangout, notify the student that you will be recording, and then click the Record button in Screencastify. 

  • Step 6. After the hangout, click the Screencastify icon in your browser toolbar and then click the stop button. Screencastify will save the recording to your Google drive. You can rename the file as needed. 

Screencastify is providing unlimited FREE access through April 30. Please follow these directions to create an account:

To activate Screencastify Unlimited access, follow these instructions:

  • Visit this page and click "Redeem coupon" (under the Next Billing Date)

  • Enter code CAST_COVID

  • Click "Activate License" (no credit card required). Ignore the Next Billing Date - that will be incorrect

Here's a quick video that demonstrates these steps.